Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tanaka Reina Joins a Rock Band

If any Musume could pull this off it would be Reina.

A few hours ago it was announced that Morning Musume`s Tanaka Reina under the blessings of Tsunku is holding auditions to create her own female rock band. [Sorry for the posting delay, life got in the way]

It`s no secret that Reina and Sayu`s time in Morning Musume is coming to an end and a new and exciting age in Morning Musume`s history is starting to develop.

With Reina now holding auditions starting June 17 for musicians to support her in a rock band, is Reina now starting to plan her life out of Morning Musume?

Think about it for a moment, if this project takes off like say the bands SCANDAL or ZONE, do you honestly believe that Up-Front will not milk this for every yen they can generate.

This brings us to one last possible speculation that the clock is now ticking , a good number of fans on both sides of the ocean have been openly discussing what seems to be Reina`s halfhearted work and disinterested expressions in the dance version of One,Two,Three.

With her and Sayu the last remaining members that have any connection the legacy that Morning Musume established, could Reina, now be mentally cashing in her Morning Musume card and thinking of future goals?

While we will never know how Reina truly feels , it`s clear that the 9th,10th generations are in this to win and they have an uncontrolled spirit all their own that is taking Morning Musume down a path of their making and for Reina and Sayu that means life after Morning Musume .

With Reina now creating her own rock band, the excitement of this project, will not keep many from speculating has the clock for Reina been pushed?

I am not going to be harsh on her video expressions as some wotas have been, because I am not concerned with it. For me the fact that she is willing to step into a new genre is exciting and I am looking forward to seeing this play out.

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