Friday, September 14, 2012

babyraids PV Preview

babyraids [baby rays] ,the new idol group that Idoling!!! Member Kikuchi Ami has been advising have released a teaser to their debut single “babyraids“.

babyraids are Oya Rikako, Takami Nao, Denya Erika, Hayashi Manatsu, and Watanabe Rio.

Live Version


  1. I am completely obsessed over babyraids PV. I love the close up shots of the girls, and that member Watanabe Rio is just hilarious. It's worth watching the whole thing just paying attention to her.

  2. I don`t have a favorite yet ,but they are a fun group to watch.

  3. well Rio Watanabe still young.. 12. and she is the youngest idol that can sing and dance like 20+ year idol... Still Manatsu-chan is my type.. like her tomboyish hair..


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