Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Idol Round Up #2

Idol Round Up #2

Time to take another spin around the world of Idol Genre

SUPER GiRLS have an outstanding new release ,while i am not a big fan of the group ,I find myself drawn to the group this time by their costumes as i like outfits with touches of military , ceremonial guard aspects and these outfits give that feeling .
There are no rights or wrongs in music , just the creating of memories in people’s hearts and every video, photo that a group makes will say different things to different people.
The PV has a little bit of everything , fire ,idol close ups, water , creative fan service teases and more.

BiS Marathon
Not long ago the girls from BiS held an impressive and grueling live promotion a 24hr live event. The event saw the group entertain their fans for 24 hours ,battling fatigue and insanity at the same time.
The event was broadcast ,for those who could not attend .Here is a look back at the madness. Credit to the group for figuring out stuff to do.

To finish off this episode a look at

Tsunku-San`s idol army of the Akihabara Backstage Pass Café .
And Tsunku in his wonderful wisdom has allowed them to audition for Morning Musume with one making it to the 11 gen final bunch. I think that is a great idea ,with the strength of idol genre being what it is now ,if you can bring in girls who have experience at any level into your ranks ,it allows you to reload at a faster rate

Oh i can`t end this without mentioning this unit is cuteness overload

With their own weekly and highly entertaining television show out of their fantastic cafe, the girls of Backstage Pass are collecting a solid following. Really if you ever get to come over to visit , you have to see this café.

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