Sunday, September 30, 2012

Idol Round Up #6

Time to take another trip around the world of Idols

First up is Alice 10 sister unit Topping Girls GT .You may notice that several members are from Alice 10 .That is because the members of Alice 10 are all in 2-3 other groups for their parent company Alice Project.

Also from Alice Project is GT sister unit, which features a number of girls from the group OZ that we have profiled in the past.

This group is called Soup Girls

To view all Alice Project members and groups go here


Magic is a group that Meika profile a short time ago, they have now released their single PV.


It`s been a while since we had them on PIH, so let`s throw some support to them today

And to end this round up we have members of the  super group ALLOVER

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