Wednesday, September 26, 2012

TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE: LolitA☆Strawberry in summer

Quite a while ago, Tokyo Girls' Style released a music video for LolitA☆Strawberry in summer, which is part of their Road to Budokan 2012 single. Bad flower was already released, and can be seen in this post. Discord, the b-side hasn't been released yet.

When I saw that the MV to this was finally revealed, I got so excited! I love SweetS. And I like that TGS is covering some SweetS songs. But I don't like the 3D animations that much, at least the ones that vocaloids often use. The dance moves always look so stiff and awkward. And because it's computer generated, the moves look way too perfect and synchronized. I'm glad their trying something new, but I just don't like the MV. This could have been a great MV, with the nice background and all. I hope that there's a version with the real members in it. Other than that, the song is awesome. I like the original version by SweetS, and it took a little warming up, but TGS's version is good too. It's somehow powerful sounding. I can't wait to hear what discord sounds like.

Live Version

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