Friday, September 7, 2012

Idol Round Up

A quick look at some videos that are making their way around the circuit from the small/mid-level groups.

Candy Kiss

As cute as Candy Kisses
A simple but cute PV named Candy Kiss

These costumes are pure win ,they could guard my palace or raid ships ,their choice ,lol

Mito Idol Unit

For this unit we used a picture in a picture style as it`s video capture of a TV ,but still it gives you a good look at a local idol unit from a local TV ,lol. Not all roads are paved in gold like AKB makes it seem at times 90% of this genre is just simple thankless hard work in the shadows of the bright lights of fame.

One candy is not enough for my tastes
Kimitomo Candy

Who needs a fancy studio with all the latest fancy gear
LinQ says give us a table a switch and a few hot microphones and we are good to go

Sometimes LinQ is so bad of idols they need to have mosaic blocks

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