Friday, September 14, 2012

Oda Sakura Joins Morning Musume As 11Th Gen Member

H!P Trainee and 11th Gen finalist Oda Sakura has Joined Morning Musume as 11th Gen Member
She is the only member of the 11th Generation .This is the 3rd time in Morning Musume`s history that one member has represented a generation.
From Morning Musume Channel ,just added.

Musume freaks out on stage as Oda Joins [Funny]


  1. Tsunku is always all friendly and smiles when he goes on stage but on backstage footage he is a block of ice.

  2. I’ll just post what I wrote on my blog: I did not watch a single video or update on the 11th gen auditions. But upon watching Oda Sakura’s video clip of her being accepted into Morning Musume by Tsunku and evaulating her skills, I was impressed. We have to remember this audition was to find a singer not an increase of members. But even I have to agree with some others about it being a 1-nin gen, she has to be pushed then.

    I like her even more after watching the video. She looks so cute and fits so well with the others. She sings really well and her voice changes from low to high, I think her dancing is not so bad either. Someone made a comment that when she imitated Namida Tomarana Houkago, her voice changes from Konno to Miki in the video of her audition time and they were right.

    This is only a small part though hahaha!

  3. After reviewing Oda ,I am pleased with the results .I think we have a fine idol to watch grow over the coming years.

  4. Are their any videos in English Sub? I understand a little bit of it in Japanese but having English sub helps a bit more.

  5. English Sub- Not at this time,that I know of


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