Thursday, September 13, 2012

Passpo ☆ Wing Preview

A PV tease for Passpo ☆ new single Wing is now out. It`s description is “German Metal” and is the third of the groups Passpo ☆ meets metal from around the world series .

As someone who has been musically influenced by German Melodic Metal and Hard Rock for years , I am going to avoid if it is or is not “German Metal” debate and just say ,i`m not ready to fully jump on that parade float . In some ways it is , but in a more ways it is not.

The wonderful thing about music ,is that you can be influenced by something and keep your original sound. In this case Passpo ☆ has managed to keep everything very much their own style while exploring new horizons.

Wing has the makings of a solid idol rock track that features the girls becoming vampires [would have like to see a transition to a darker costume look to enhance the transformation] and the group doing things the way they always do ,the Passpo ☆ way .

As a group Passpo ☆ never fails to deliver as the vocals of each member blend perfectly ,live and on CD. It`s hard to ever find anything bad to say about them.

For those of you wondering about the “German Metal” sound. “German Metal” is a broad range of sounds from light to very dark , melodic ,symphonic to industrial and all points in between, that is a history lesson all its own.

One spoke in this broad range of “German Metal” is performed by the most famous of German bands ,the Scorpions .So i`ll end this with a taste of them and a message to Passpo ☆ ,that they should always remember that “We were born to fly”

Another great Passpo ☆ song ,from a great and under-appreciated idol group

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