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Magical cover; Afilia Saga East Interview : BB

Next is a member that is as charming as she is funny to talk to .I hope you will enjoy her exclusive Pure Idol Heart interview as much as I do.
Please Welcome BB

01 Hello, could you introduce yourselves and tell us how you joined Magical cover; Afilia Saga East?
- Hai Hai iiiiiii~. I’m the tallest magical girl in the world; BB from Magical cover Afllia Saga East desu. ~ヾ(^∇^) I came to the group because the manager asked if i was interested in forming a band after sending me the PV Learn to Fly of Afllia Saga East. *smile*

02 Did you know each other before joining Magical cover; Afilia Saga East?

- Ummm…The only girl I actually met before is Lukpud. For the others, I have been stalking them on facebook as they are very cute cosplayers. ///v///

03 Why did you want to become a dance Idol?
- Because I love to dance, albeit not very good at it. *laugh* I also think that it is a good way to spend time because I get to exercise, dance to songs I like, and it is a good way to diet too. XD

04 How did you feel when you learned you were going to join  Magical cover; Afilia Saga East?
- At first I was worried if I could get along with everyone, whether I would drag everyone down or not. But when I actually get to meet everyone, I feel really great! Everyone is so cuuuutee, it only takes 1 day for us to be intimate. *Hug* But, sometimes I think everyone else bullied me too much TT

05 What is it you enjoy the most about being in Magical cover; Afilia Saga East, and why?
- Snacks after practice! Because the managers always bring delicious snacks for us to eat after practice; especially cakes ><. Girls and snacks can’t be seperated after all ~.

06 Do you have anything special that you do before going on stage to perform for good luck?
- Cast a spell in my heart ^ ^

07 What was your feelings after Magical cover; Afilia Saga East made their debut performance?
- I want to cry *laugh* because it is the first time I have this feeling of accomplishment after doing something and having people cheering me for it.

08 In the Magical member’s profiles ,the members said that cosplay and anime were things that you liked. Please name your favorite character to cosplay and your favorite anime to watch?
- Because I’ve been a cosplayer for only nearly a year, that’s why my choice are not too much. But my favorite is “Alice(Shionji Yuko)” from “Kamisama no memo-chou” because I think It’s the best character I used to cosplay.(This character makes me have a chance to hug teddy bear all day. >w<)  And.. my favorite anime are Toradora and K-ON! because these are very fun~~. Someday I will cosplay as Tiga(a character from Toradora) and Asunyan~(a character from K-ON!).

09 OK a what if question. If Magical cover; Afilia Saga East was an anime and all the  Magical members had one magical power, what power would you have?
- Summon! To call out all the things I want! Especially snacks and desserts. A dessert house like in the Hansel & Gretel tale would be a good starter.

10 Do you have other Japanese Idol groups that you enjoy listening, singing or dancing to in your free time?
- w-inds. ! Ah..,but that’s a boy band *laugh* but I really love this band because I have been following them for 8 years. I have never been disappointed in this band for all these years. Other than w-inds., Buono! is also a very nice band I like because of the Loli - power of Momochi ~. ♪(ノ´∀`*)ノ

11 If you were not in Magical cover; Afilia Saga East?, what would you do instead?

- I would be living a ordinary life as I have been doing before.

12 Do you wish to release [record/sale] your own original songs as Magical cover; Afilia Saga East?
- Ehhhhh~!?

13 Please tell us how you felt ,when you heard that you had interest from International fans ,just days after your debut?
- Everyone and I feel so glad that so much people is interested in us. We are also surprised and excited that it feels like we are taking a huge step forward.
 (Do you understand? *laugh*)

14 With Magical cover; Afilia Saga East starting to gain International fans ,what International city would you like to have a dance performance in?

- Japan! >< ,,

15 Lastly, please give a message to your to International fans reading this interview?
- Hai iiiii~ BB dayo. *smile* Anyways, thank you everyone for reading to the end. I have never ever thought that I would get to experience this feeling where everyone is supporting and taking so good care of us. From now on we will try even harder and give a performance that will live up to everyone’s expectation. Please take good care of Magical cover Afilia Saga East in the future too. We won’t let you down (≧O≦)

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