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Magical cover; Afilia Saga East Interview : Gift

Member number three in the branch of the secret society of Magical members is Gift. Gift is shy and sometimes that makes her a mystery to talk to as her shyness of her trying to put her Thai thoughts into English is a great charm point.

We have all seen this type girl before , the one you see at a party sitting alone ,that you know if you walked over and say hi to you would love immediately.

As an Idol Gift is in my opinion best comparable to Eto Maria formally of Idoling!!! , the glasses wearing member, who used her glasses as a charm point. Having seen a cosplay picture of her without glasses, she could use both looks as a strong charm point.

Gift is defiantly a hero /underdog member that every Idol group needs

Gift`s interview with Pure Idol Heart, unedited in her own words.

01 Hello, could you introduce yourselves and tell us how you joined Magical cover; Afilia Saga East?
- Hello! My name is Gift. I’m a member of Magical cover Afilia Saga East. I joined Magical because Palm(MG 09) invited me to. It was too sudden and it took some times thinking about it. Finally I accepted and joined Magical.

02 Did you know each other before joining Magical cover; Afilia Saga East?
- I know only Palm & Lukpud. We’ve known one another for a long time. They helped me a lot.

03 Why did you  want to become a dance Idol?
- Because this is one of the things I like and be interested in. Even though I still dance not good enough but I will try hard.

04 How did you feel when you learned you were going to join  Magical cover; Afilia Saga East?
- I feel too much under pressure at first. Haha. I was afraid that maybe I can’t get along with other members because I was not good at sociability. But when I’ve already known everyone in Magical, I was very happy. Everyone was so nice to me.

05 What is it you enjoy the most about being in Magical cover; Afilia Saga East, and why?
- I have a lot of good memories but if I have to pick one, I choose some snacks that our staffs served to Magical members and I really like the time everyone sat & ate & talked together.

06 Do you have anything special that you do before going on stage to perform for good luck?
- I made a wish to a talisman I wore to finish a show successfully.

07 What was your feelings after Magical cover; Afilia Saga East made their debut performance?
I felt good. It was very fun to dance with everyone. ><

08 In the Magical member’s profiles ,the members said that cosplay and anime were things that you liked. Please name your favorite character to cosplay and your favorite anime to watch?
- I don’t cosplay that much.(Because of lacking of money) But if I have to choose one, it’s gonna be “Nadia” from “Nadia The Secret of Blue Water” I like a girl that can do everything with her own hands. And about Anime I like, umm.. hard to choose one because they are too much to talk about. Such as Saint Seiya , Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Inuyasah , Hunter x Hunter, Skip_Beat, Uta no Prince-sama , Howl's Moving Castle , Spirited Away, etc. Were they too much? haha

09 OK a what if question. If Magical cover; Afilia Saga East was an anime and all the  Magical members had one magical power, what power would you have?
- I have to choose one right? Haha. So my spell is a spell to read one’s mind. I’m interested in mentality. I really want to understand human’s thoughts because I think Human’s Mentality is very important when you want to do something.

10 Do you have other Japanese Idol groups that you enjoy listening, singing or dancing to in your free time?
- I like Buono!, AKB48, V6, LM.C, they have nice songs, good lyrics.

11 If you were not in Magical cover; Afilia Saga East?, what would you do instead?
- I would be just a normal girl. Go to school, watch anime, eat, then sleep. Haha~

12 Do you wish to release [record/sale] your own original songs as Magical cover; Afilia Saga East?
- Never before! Just being right now is far from I expect at first.

13 Please tell us how you felt ,when you heard that you had interest from International fans ,just days after your debut?
- I was really surprised! Is it a dream? I slapped my face many times to prove that I didn’t dreaming.

14 With Magical cover; Afilia Saga East starting to gain International fans ,what International city would you like to have a dance performance in?
- Japanese of course! I’ve interested in Japan since I was young. I want to go there very much!

15 Lastly, please give a message to your to  International fans reading this interview?
- “Thank you” is what I really want to say, Thank you for your interest in Magical. So please keep support us.

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