Monday, December 31, 2012

Battle no Jidai, Latin America Meets JPop

Battle no Jidai, is a J-Pop inspired vocal cover group from Santiago, Chile who recently approached Pure Idol Heart about promoting them. Seems word has reached Latin America that Pure Idol Heart is friendly to any JPop inspired cover group, regardless of nationality.

So what about Battle no Jidai you ask?

Battle no Jidai like I mentioned are from Santiago, Chile and their specialty is being a group that sings and dance in lives to J-Pop Idol songs.
Known as BnoJ, their primary mission is to spread the JPop Idol movement in Latin America .Accoding to their web site Battle no Jidai: are "Warriors of day, artists by night!"

The members are Maichan who member color is green and her charm point is her big smile. Rei –her member color is yellow and her charm point is her eyes and long eyelashes. Aiko – her member color is Blue, she has a Tsundere personality and lists her eyes and personality as her charm points.
The last member is Chibichan her member color is red, she likes to collect Pandas and list her charm point as adorable chachetitos and has magical powers to fight evil.

Battle no Jidai is an interesting group that puts their own style to the songs they sing, that you find yourself getting into even if you’re not from their home region.

Battle no Jidai goal for 2013 is to become a professional group and release their first CD ,something that I am sure their fans in Chile are looking forward to  and new international fans may want to see them accomplish.

Battle no Jidai is bringing the love of JPop idols to Latin America and hopes to greet many fans around the world on their journey to reach their dreams.

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