Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More Idols

Here are two new idol groups that I've discovered that haven't been covered on PIH yet. If your looking for a new group to follow, maybe these are the groups for you!

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The first group I recently discovered is i☆Ris. Their a 6 member idol group that just formed, and surprisingly, their signed to avex. Their completely different from SUPERGiRLS and Tokyo Girls' Style.

Looking at their debut single, Color, I have to say that I really like it,. It sounds a little bit like old jpop to me. It's upbeat, but without being too upbeat, and it's standard jpop without being too standard.

The best part of the song is the vocals. Their so strong! Having these types of vocals instead of the typical high pitched vocals most idol groups have these days already gives them tons of pointers.

 The PV, is typical, the girls are laughing, having fun, and doing various activities. It's actually the same set where Guardians 4 shot their Party Time PV lol! Their outfits are cute, in their own way, but they look like crayons. Though I really appreciate every member having their own color as it helps me put names to faces. The dancing could be a bit stronger, and some of the girls look awkward. But the group is new, and with time, they'll get better!

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Official Website

Smile Gakuen is the second group that I discovered recently. Their a 17 member idol group that formed in 2011.  Smile Gakuen is under the branch Smile Academy, which is kind of like Hello Project. Smile Gakuen is split up into two classes, class M and class G, though they all perform together. The group has elementary, middle, and high school students, kind of like Sakura Gakuin.

The group already has four singles out, but their latest release, which was in November was Give Me a Smile. Smile Gakuen seems like the typical group, but their songs are likeable, their dances are simple, and they wear school uniforms. 

They have tons of videos on their YouTube channel, so I would check them out.

Give Me a Smile

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