Monday, December 3, 2012

Magical cover; Afilia Saga East: Magical Faces Part 6

Well now the time has come to say goodbye, goodbye to the profiles as the last Magical member profile has arrived. For me the end result was the more I read about them ,the more I wanted to know .I hope that everyone who supports Magical on Pure  Idol Heart feels the same way.

MG 10: Kimay (cover as Kohime Lit Pucci)
Sobriquet: Chinese Girl
Birthday: 03/18
Blood type: A
Height: It's a Secret! XD
Her Charm point is: I look like a Chinese girl.
Her Hobby is: Hugging all moe girls -w-
Her Special Ability is: Sleep when halt, Hug when move!
The 1 Word she uses to Explain Herself: Hya~!
Her Self-introduction is: Hello guys! ^0^/ I’m not good at speaking but I really love you with all my heart~ ♥ haha

In closing this series I`d like to thank the members of Magical and their staff for taking the time to provide English copies of their Thai profiles. I don`t know if readers had time yet to select an Oshimen [member to support] ,at times like this it maybe better just to support all 13 members as one cannot have enough idols to enjoy.

While this is the end of the profile series ,it is not the end of the relationship with Magical and Pure Idol Heart .Instead it`s just the beginning with an upcoming interview and the start of Shuukan Spell (with Magical) and more surprises to come ,Magical is going to have a much deeper role in  the future of Pure Idol Heart.

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