Friday, December 14, 2012

Shuukan Spell (with Magical) Debut Edition

This is the debut edition of Shuukan Spell (with Magical) ,a segment inspired by the highly popular question and answer segment done by Morning Musume and answered by the Thai dance Idol group Magical cover; Afilia Saga East .

At times this segment may be done by video ,however for now we have their written answers.

Each week Magical members will answer a question submitted by Pure Idol Heart Staff .Magical Staff ,Magical Members or you the readers can leave a question in the comment areas.

This edition question was created by the combination of Pure Idol Heart Gaki-san and Magical cover; Afilia Saga East  member Prae.

Shuukan Spell [with Magical]

Q&A: One morning you wake up, and you’ve become a moe character in an anime, what would you do?

Piko: Piko will walk around lol :3

Momin: I will say hello hello hellooooo moe Momin lol. And go shopping all clothes that are moe.

Fernne: I will ask Aomine Daiki for a date >////<

BB: Do everything that are just for moe girls can do >w<

Jahoii : Don’t care anything, just act as normal lol.

Prae: I will scream out and show off to my family XD

Lukpud: I will look for my dream 2D boys and cosplay as moe girls as much as I can. 

Palm: I think I will sleep because I think this is just a dream lol .

KiMay: I will sleep hahahaha (_ _)Zzz.

Noonnim : I will say hi to handsome boys >w<

Cake : Don’t know what I should do. *contract* =w=

Little : I’ll act as normal

Gift : I’ll survey around that everything will be an anime or not and will walk around my house hahaha.

Fernne was meaning this guy

Note- 12/17 bump post in case readers missed the post this week

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