Thursday, December 27, 2012


Idol group LinQ is back with their fifth single, CHIKU-TAKU (which is a really weird name). It will be released January 30, 2013.  I call myself a LinQ fan, but I barely keep up with their singles these days! I like their second single Calorie Nante, and their third single, the Sakura songs. Yet their other singles seem to remain uncovered on here!

LinQ reminds me a lot of the 48 family, simply because their PV's are always nice and creative. CHIKU-TAKU doesn't fail to live up to their past singles! The PV concept is very interesting. The theme is clocks, and the dancing seems to mirror the hands of a clock. There seems to be a storyline as well. Everything seems to be taking place in a weird fantasy land.

As for the song, it seems to be taking on the trend that seems to be hitting Idol music right now: techno. The song is techno, but thankfully, the vocals aren't completely drowned out by auto-tune and synths. Despite the song treading a bit into generic territory, it's, nontheless, catchy, especially at the chorus, and near the end where everyone chants Chiku-taku. I think I finally get it! "Chiku-taku" mirrors the sound of "Tick-Tock" the sound of a clock ticking. Genius. The more you listen to this song, the more addicting it gets! This is definitely an idol single done right.

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  1. The song is cute~ But not as awesome as Shiawase no Energy >_<


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