Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fukuda Kanon Starts A Fight With

S/mileage member Fukuda Kanon threw out a fun loving as only Japanese idols can do open challenge ,that has upset the fan base of the KPOP group SNSD.

At the Summer Idol Festival S/mileage member, Fukuda Kanon  "picked a fight" with every Idol unit symbolically when she was asked who their rivals were.

Kanon said smiling proudly to 100 members of the media that was in attendance   “SNSD is known as the idols with great legs, but we’re fresher.” “Everyone here, along with our seniors Morning Musume, AKB48 and SNSD are our rivals. But, we have fresh great legs and can’t lose to anyone.”

Now as we all know, this is her way of showing their [S/mileage] fighting spirit and desire to be viewed as equals to their seniors one day and no harm was intended as everyone laughed at the comments.

Well the SNSD fans didn`t see it that way as their fan girls are offended by this harmless statement that as I just said  all other groups and media in attendance found funny . Quick views of their fan pages and that of KPOP ,has SNSD and KPOP fans in a general state of anger and insulting Kanon and S/mileage [at least one pro SNSD/KPOP site had 800 anti comments at last check] .

It`s good to see someone over at H!P have some fighting spirit ,the last time I saw their agency have fighting spirit was when 1st generation   Morning Musume were asked the same question on Utaban and Abe Natsumi answered “Everybody is our rivals”.

Momoiro Clover's Hayami Akari at the same event also said the following “It’s the idol warring states, but our showdown will be our performances. I want us to do our best for our performances.”

If your a fan of JPOP Idol genre ,this is a great time to be a fan , from the Majors to down to the Indies ,young groups are hungry to stand up and create their name in this industry . The next few years are going to be exciting to watch. One day AKB48 ,Morning Musume ,C-ute and Berryz will end and the young ones of today will be the leaders .The battles that will come in the future by the young ones ,will help shape the next cycle of this industry.

S/mileage with Kanon`s declaration, just like Morning Musume years ago announced they have arrived and are ready to make their mark.

What a last few days, first AKB48 staff pranks the nation, now Kanon makes another mad. LOL

Here is the clip that has upset SNSD fans so much.


  1. Why do K-pop fans take things so seriously?

  2. Kira, it`s just a small part of their fan base that got upset, because they are over protective of SNSD and they didn`t understand the meanings behind it.


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