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There are a number of Idol groups in Japan ranging from Majors, Independent, Akiba, Maid Café, Underground and Seiyuu. In fact the list of groups large and small could be in the 100`s

Sphere is an Idol unit created by four Seiyuu [voice actors] /Pop Singers, the members are

* Tomatsu Haruka [20]
* Kotobuki Minako [18]
* Takagaki Ayahi [24]
* Toyosaki Aki [23]


Tomatsu has been in a number of music groups in her young career including The Children, Eclipse and now Sphere .Tomatsu has released two albums and eight singles since debuting in 2007 and has done 23 Seiyuu roles including Vashti Mileina in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Second Season. In 2009, she was cast as Ion in the Rune Factory 3 video game.

Her highest release as a soloist was Motto Hadenine, which debuted at #10 .The single, charted for 13 weeks and sold 26,421 copies before falling off the Oricon charts

Motto Hadenine


Outside of Sphere ,Kotobuki is best known for her role as Kotobuki Tsumugi in K-ON!  And as a member of the K-ON! Unit Sakurakou K-ON Bu. To date she has released six singles, with her recent being Chu-Bra! Character Song Maxi Jinguji Yako. Kotobuki was cast in 2009 as Farron Serah in Final Fantasy XIII video game.


Takagaki made her debut in 2007 as a Seiyuu and in 2009, she joined Sphere. She has been a character voice in 36 anime including Mobile Suit Gundam 00 as Grace Feldt .Outside of Sphere she has released 10 singles. Her next single will be released on July 21 .It will be her first non-character single. In 2009 Takagaki was cast as Yahan in the video came Sekirei ~Mirai Kara no Okurimono~ and as Fear in Dungeons & Dam.


Toyosaki made her debut in 2007 as a Seiyuu and in 2009 she joined Sphere ,she recently won the "Best New Actress" at the 4th Seiyu Awards in 2010 for her role as Hirasawa Yui in K-On! And Nakamachi Kana in Kanamemo. At the same awards she also won Best Musical Performance". Outside of Sphere is also a member of the K-ON! Unit Sakurakou K-ON Bu .It is with Sphere and K-ON Bu that Toyosaki has enjoyed her best success as a singer. With K-ON Bu, she saw their first two singles Cagayake! Girls and Don’t say Lazy sell 62,000 and 67,000 in their debut weeks. October 2009 she released her first non-character single Love Your Life reaching #12 on Oricon.

Love your life

Together these women came together in 2009 to create the Seiyuu Idol group Sphere.
Sphere is managed by the same company that handles the Visual Kei band Antic Café and others in Music Ray`n and are under the Sony label.

In April 2009, they made their debut with Future Stream reaching # 22 on the Oricon Charts selling 6,280 copies, not bad for an first release of this type.

Future Stream

This was followed in July 2009 with Super Noisy Nova .SNN saw Sphere reach sales of 10,462 , however their Oricon ranking improved to #14 and they managed to stay in the charts for 8 weeks .

Super Noisy Nova

November 2009 they released their third single Kaze wo Atsumete / Brave My Heart.
This single saw Sphere enter the charts at #15 and a small bump in sales of 13,238 before falling out of Oricon 5 weeks later.

Kaze wo atsumete

In December 2009, Sphere released their debut album A.T.M.O.S.P.H.E.R.E with 12 tracks and giving Sphere enough material to start entering the touring circuit as a regular Idol unit. A.T.M.O.S.P.H.E.R.E Entered the charts at #19 and again saw the unit’s sales rise a little at 14,419


In April 2010, they returned with their fourth single Realove:Realife that saw the group have their highest debut to date #12 with sales of 17,318 and a shift to a rock sound and their best overall single to date. Realove: Realife shows the range that this group has and one of the reasons that Sony is letting them evolve and grow with more releases and lives in the offering.


July 28 will see Sphere releasing their fifth single Now loading...SKY!!

August 2 Update

New Single PV
Now Loading ....SKY!!

With more tours ,Music show appearances and singles in the works and the members individual success starting to make it`s way into the units fan base ,Sony looks set to allow Sphere to evolve past a Seiyuu Idol unit.

If you’re looking for a unit that is different then your traditional Idol units and you’re not concerned if they are beating AKB48, Morning Musume or whoever in the rankings and just want a good Idol unit to checkout and maybe even follow, then Sphere is worth checking out.

Planet Sphere [Group`s Home Page]

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