Sunday, August 29, 2010

Muten Musume ! Debut Oct 24

Weeks ago a song was leaked in a famous Sushi restaurant chain of Morning Musume singing about sushi .This song sent wotas into a fit of rage, thinking this song would be the graduation single.

Well October 24 this single will be released by Muten Musume! Muten Musume! Is the alter ego of Morning Musume .Muten has been in the works for almost a year now and will see Momusu become the real life version of their Chibi alter egos Muten Musume! Muten will be providing the promotional track for Kura Corpo sushi restaurant franchise

Muten is made up of the following idols

Leader -Ai Ai

Sub Leader -Risa Risa

Eri Eri

Sayu Sayu [#1 Kawaii idol in Chibi Japan ,she said so]

Rei Rei

Aika Aika



Muten will release their debut single “Appare Kaiten Zushi!" on October 24 .Currently there is no talks underway or at least confirmation of any rumors that Muten and Morning will be going on a joint headlining tour or that the Chibis have registered for 9th generation auditions . I am not even sure if they are EGGS. LOL

Debut single by Muten Musume !

LQ Version recorded on a mobile phone .
[Very hard to hear as it`s in the background of the restaurant noise ]

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