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Manaminorisa [Mamiri for short ] ,is another of the emerging neo-Idols groups on the scene .Manaminorisa [the name comes from blending the members first names together] ,is a Hiroshima born Indie group ,that recently transferred to Pony Canyon and started operations in Tokyo.

To date Manaminorisa who is made up of Yano Manami [19], Okayama Minori [19],Matsumae Risa [19] , all from Hiroshima have released four singles [3 by Indie] ,one album and have appeared in a number of music festivals live events ,along with doing endorsements and television in Hiroshima  and other areas.

It`s early yet to say if this group will join the other power units on the scene today, the potential is there for them to do so.

If there is one thing that could play against them it`s their age, with the wotas need for idols around the age of 15 to worship, heading towards twenty could limit their popularity among some national wotas.

With groups like SDN48 ,Perfume, Speed,Dream and to some degree Morning Musume [not all are 20+] showing that on the female side there is a market for the 20+ groups ,it all comes down to how you and who you market the group to.

Manaminorisa may not be known nationally yet, they are just one of a number of Independent groups who are in position to break out on the scene.

Footnote -Manaminorisa graduated from the same school as Perfume. Hiroshima Actors School.

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Covering Buono`s MY Boy [Live Stage]

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