Friday, August 20, 2010

EGG & NGP Members Can Audition for 9th Gen Musume

 UFA/H!P has announced  through Tsunku`s blog that any member of the H!P EGG training school and any Nice Girl Project ! trainee aged 10-17 yrs old as of August 1st ,2010  who asks to enter the auditions can do so . Any EGG or NGP member that requests to audition for Morning Musume 9th generation will enter the auditions after the first round ,giving them another advantage over non H!P hopefuls .

There are only two NGP trainees that meet the age requirements, so really this is more about which of the EGGS will be joining Morning Musume  ,currently 20 members of the EGGS program qualify. 

They are

 Sainen Mia
 Mori Saki
 Kitahara Sayaka
 Komine Momoka
 Saho Akari
 Okai Asuna
 Sekine Azusa
 Arai Manami
 Kaneko Rie
 Maeda Irori
 Fukumura Mizuki
 Takeuchi Akari
 Miyamoto Karin
 Satou Ayano
 Kizawa Runa
 Tanabe Nanami
 Takagaki Sayuki
 Katsuta Rina
 Nagasawa Wakana
 Kudo Haruka

I will not say that the audition is now rigged, only that the outcome is now “heavily” favored for the EGGS   members to pass.

My feeling is that they already know what EGGS  member they want to enter Morning Musume and that this “EGG/NGP Audition eligibility” is just a way of  publicly saying that everyone had a fair chance of entry  without upsetting wotas who may feel that their EGGS deserves to be a member.

The EGGS members that are true candidates to enter Morning Musume, have likely been “requested” to audition and their audition is likely for show.

There is no point of placing advanced trained professional idols in an hopefuls audition, against girls who before the audition were idol dreamers singing Karaoke covers, unless two things are at play.
1. There is real concern over the talent quality of the audition pool
2. There will be a certain number of EGGS  members joining Morning Musume along with non-EGG finalists.

Having trained idols go through this audition, gives the decision makers a pool of pre -trained idols, who are ready to step into any group, with very little additional costs, and a pre-established fan base.

Some leading candidates.
Just briefly running through the list, the member that is most likely ready for a main unit is Kitahara Sayaka.

Others to keep a watch on are Saho Akari , Fukumura Mizuki ,Arai Manami she would give Musume a member with glasses,  Maeda Irori and Chisato of C-ute little sister Okai Asuna .

What has gone from a maybe they will find someone that fans will like audition ,has now gone into the ,lets make sure we get this right audition.

Nothing happens in this industry by random chance, just as the entry of JunJun and LinLin was to get a foothold into China, the entry of the EGGS/NGP into the audition was preplanned with a reason behind it, after all, they would not be changing the rules of the audition after the announcement unless some EGGS/NGP were going to be members or strongly considering to add them.

This will be unlike any other audition before, which trained idols will be joining? We will soon discover.


  1. Wow... What you said makes a lot of sense... The judges will prefer the girls from EGGS/NGP over untrained girls any day...

    I guess the financial crisis is putting a strain on their resources too, having an EGGS member in MM saves a lot of money (merchandise wise and I guess wota wise as well?) plus there would have been support for the EGGS compared to a new girl, where everything has to start from scratch.

    If Kikkawa Yuu was within the age requirement, I would have thought she'd be great MM member. But she's 18 already... =( *sniff*

    I think it's either Chisato's little sister or Kitahara Sayaka that has a chance in being a 9th Gen. member. Well, I hope so anyway...Hahah

  2. Yuu should have been in to start with. If Mitsui were 18, then the limit would be 18. Seems they want Mitsui to be the elder.

    Chisato`s sister gets a lot of support from Chisato fans .She is only 14, She would be the new Yaguhci, unless she has grown a lot she is 142cm.

    Sayaka is 16 and has the Milky Way background. She has done 3 stage plays, anime and she is in Mano`s horror film. That is why I think she has the best chance.

  3. Wouldn't it be great if they added some named Saki?

    Think about it, there's a Saki in Berryz, C-ute and S/mileage, only MM needs a saki and than they could form a unit with all 4 Saki's *the dream continues*


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