Wednesday, August 18, 2010

°C-ute new single "“Dance de Bakoon!” PV

°C-ute new single “Dance de Bakoon!”

Why is it that °C-ute and Buono put out songs that I wished Morning Musume had put out, lol

“Dance de Bakoon!” Is a really good song ,with an upbeat and catchy sound ,however to much CGI effects in the video takes away from it a bit , the CGI should have complemented the song , not put °C-ute swimming in a blinding sea of distorted colors and haze that weakens the overall look and effect of the video..

This is one song that is better off with the thought of less is more idea. The same results could have been reached by having the CGI be in the background as support of a solid song that didn`t need much of a push to please wotas.

If you have full confidence in your artist’s ability to sale a good song, you do not have to over produce the video with lots of CGI; just make a good video that complements the song, not over shadow it.

Overall, this song is great, powerful and has a fair line distribution that should leave °C-ute fans satisfied and many fans will like the video. When I mean by fair, Suzuki Airi and Yajima Maimi is and will always be the aces and have the most lines.

With this single more attention is given to the supporting members, with timely repeating solo lines and not just backup singers, you do not have to give everyone the same number of lines, to make a song work. I didn`t come away from this single feeling like one member stole the spotlight . Instead for me, this song works, the unit comes off as being tight with no noticeable weak points.

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  1. I agree~~~ This would have been a great MM song~~

    I love the disco, fun, and hyperness of this song. You can tell they had fun singing and dancing to this song. =)

    Chisato has really grown a lot, and her voice is still PWNAGE!! I love her~ She is so cute. XD

    But overall I love the screentime and solo lines everyone had. =)

    It's a really fair distribution, so kudos the the director of the MV and Tsunku for getting it right! :DD

    Now if only MM's song will be this good.... The two groups have equal members now, lol


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