Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Through The Words Of JunJun [Graduation Pt 2]

From the time that the news broke that Morning Musume`s special Chinese members JunJun and LinLin  would be joining Kamei Eri in graduating from  Morning Musume ,across the world from here domestically to my fellow writers and Morning Musume fans  in the West ,many words have been written. Words filled with pain, anger, doubt, betrayal, confusion and uncertainty.

Here domestically current members of Morning Musume, OG Members and the members of Musume`s sister units, have all expressed their feelings and reflections, it`s something that in this industry you know is going to happen, it`s how it survives and you move forward.

For LinLin, she wrote with great pain, confusion and uncertainty, but also with thanks for everything that she has experienced.

Niigaki Risa was somewhat cold and honest, when she wrote the following 
“For Morning Musume, the announcement of the audition for the 9th generation, it shows that we have no choice but to move on to something new.

So I have to properly accept this, and until the end of Morning Musume`s Fall tour, it will remain as 8 people! 8 people!!

I will put in my all and move forward.”

Of all the words written to date, the ones that stand out the most to me are from one person, someone who has become an Oshimen to many across the world and that is JunJun.

I have decided not to reprint every word that JunJun has written, instead I have selected some key parts, that if she is your Oshimen, may bring you comfort in knowing that she knew this day was coming and had prepared as best she could. However, what stands out the most, is what she said towards the end about her feelings on graduating, that I think is the most thoughtful and caring of any idol and gave me a new respect for her.

As I said earlier, these words are separated by several other paragraphs in her post. When you add the parts together , it shows a different side of JunJun ,that just maybe will bring her fans some comfort  through the words of JunJun.

[Selected part 1]

On the day, that Kusumi-senpai graduated.. Junjun was thinking.. If mine is about to come soon..
After all, I am already 22 years old.. And a transfer student..
University transfer students also stay for four years right..

Even though I had some mental preparation.. This day came so suddenly...
JunJun is still unable to cope with it.

Am I really leaving?...
Leaving the members that I have been with for four years..
Leaving you all that have been taking care of JunJun..
Leaving my manager and the staff who have been helping JunJun out during work..
Leaving the stage that I have sung and danced with you all..

I am reluctant. I will really miss it...
JunJun does not know what words to use to describe her feelings now..

I remember the JunJun that first came to Japan..
Coming to this foreign country..
Without knowing one Japanese sentence at all..
The words that the people beside me were saying.. The things that they were laughing at..
I did not know.. I did not know anything..
JunJun is not that type of person that easily mixes around with others..
That is why when I first started out and faced other people and other matters.. Junjun was very closed up.. Very cold..

Slowly.. I have familiarized.. I have understood.. I have liked it.. I have been mixed in..
And I am leaving...

Maybe this is what fate arranged for me..
So many people in the world.. To be able to meet is destiny..
Separation is also for another meeting..
JunJun cherishes this meeting a lot..

[She next talks about seeing Yoshizawa`s graduation ,then in the next part ,the words that stood out the most and shows a mature ,  thoughtful and caring  idol and gave me a new respect for her ]

Again from JunJun

[Selected part 2]

Maybe if I leave first.. It will make it more relaxing and smooth for JunJun (laugh)
After experiencing the graduation of Kusumi-senpai..
Compared to sending other members off.. I rather be the one that is sent off..
Sorry.. For having these kinds of feelings..

As for my future.. It is still undecided..
But one thing that is for sure.. JunJun will definitely face the future..
Just like that time that I was selected to come to Japan.. My own future.. My own choice..
Junjun has decided that she will not give up..
I will start everything anew..
Even if it is tough.. Even if it is difficult, JunJun will endure it...
It is different.. This Junjun  now has all of you by her side..
Junjun said before.. You all are JunJun`s family..
A family that is all over the world is still a family.. Right?..
That is why Junjun will be brave..

The things I have learned during the four years in Morning Musume is the most precious experience..
No, matter what I do from now on.. I believe that it will help JunJun become better..

Through the words of JunJun, we see a true idol, not one that is created by a title or a producer or gimmick. Through the words of JunJun, we see that true idols are born and are often the Konno Asami`s of the world, you don’t realize what you had, until they are gone.


  1. I have a whole new level of appreciation for this woman. (She's no longer a girl, I always thought she was still 19 when she's not..."XD)

    Jun Jun is really mature and brave about all this, and I admire her for that. =)

  2. Great post. I'm trying to come to terms with Junjun's graduation, and your thoughtful words are helping me a lot. Thank you.

  3. Ye Olde
    Thanks for the visit, Graduations are never easy .I have seen Musume from day one and Graduations are the times that are the hardest. Words and tributes are never easy, I am glad that they are helping you.

    Hey Chanting

    She has grown a lot .To me she is like Konno Asami, a hidden star that will be missed more for being herself, then an idol.

    If the original TV show were still active, JunJun would have done well on it. She is just that type of Idol, you know you will miss being around.


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