Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sashihara Rino on Sashiko

Rino posted on her blog, what should be closure to this media event. Instead of me giving another summary, I will just let Sasshi have the final words on this to comfort her fans.

From her Blog
 But since it’ll probably annoy the people who get notification messages when I update, I’ll post this later!

Good morning! I woke up at three in the morning today~! \(^O^)/ I’ve been Sashiko since this morning!
I don’t like the sound of that!

Speaking of which, I didn’t think it would turn into such an uproar...
Just think of it as me getting picked on and have fun! An uproarious festival—that’s Sashihara Quality! Bam.
A wise man once said! Sashihara doesn’t know what will happen with her name, but Sashihara will always be Sashihara, and that will never change!
Personally, Sashihara is still okay with Sashiko! They’ve already gone out of their way to establish it, after all...It’s just that I’m not good at standing out, so I might not be able to live up to it...
In any case, Sashiko! Or Sashihara! Or Sasshi! I’m just grateful to have people call out my name!

Guys, about the Sashiko issue (which seems to be a really big one!)...
Just like it says on the AKB48 official blog, when I was eating with the staff, they said, “Since your blog is starting to get more popular, perhaps we should change your stage name to Sashiko.” That’s what we started talking about...And so I asked, “If I did that, would people notice me more?” And that’s how it all started. After that, they made a surprise commercial...I didn’t think they would actually turn it into a commercial, so I was surprised and happy at the same time...I thought, “Well, that name’s pretty interesting, too...”
The staff even changed Sashihara’s name plate, so in any case, I was happy...The TV and agency staff collaborated to make the surprise commercial for that mysterious beautiful girl Sashiko (?)...

Guys, I’m sorry for making you worry. Sashiko—no, Sashihara—is fine.

Her thought’s on Morning Musume`s Kamei Eri

 I got to sing on the same stage with Morning Musume’s Kamei Eri-san, who I’ve always loved and admired,

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