Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Major Graduations For Morning Musume 3 To Leave.

I knew this day was coming ,when I warned that major changes was coming to Morning Musume  in a past article ,regardless of how we feel about the group.

Kamei Eri, JunJun and LinLin are leaving Morning Musume, to be replaced by 9th generation member or members.

Eri is leaving for medical reasons as she is suffering from a facial condition known as "Atopic dermatitis"  a type of eczema .A condition that is hard to cure and often embarrassing to the sufferer as it often leaves very noticeable red places on your face.

It seems that Eri has been hiding this condition her entire career with heavy stage makeup and medications ,but the emotional stress of trying to hide this has become much more then she can handle and she has asked to graduate Morning Musume and entertainment to get her condition properly treated.

JunJun and LinLin are returning to China to enter their entertainment field. Of the three leaving the only one, that I am surprised with is Eri, at some point JunJun and LinLin were going to leave as they had limited visa time and families in China and had made no plans for citizenship.

On top of this, auditions for 9th generation will take place. Tsunku also announced an audition for the 9th generation of the group. On his blog he states that he is looking for a girl that is between 10-17 years old, is healthy, wants to be number one in the entertainment world, and loves Morning Musume.[ Not sure there are many girls left that do most have moved to AKB48 ,maybe promoting from the EGGS ?].

A 9th generation for Morning Musume has been something that many have wanted , my only problem with a new audition is that there is currently three members of AKB48 who audition in the last two Morning Musume auditions ,who were more talented then the members selected and were passed over .One being Kashiwagi Yuki leader of Team B . So the chances of Morning Musume improving from a vocal standpoint is questionable anytime they hold auditions.

This audition has to be the most important addition in Morning Musume`s future ,they must make an impact so strong that mainstream fans regain interest in the group or they will continue to struggle in relationship to the Neo-Idol push that is underway .

With the loss of one their most popular members in Kamei Eri, the door for more wota defections swings wide open.

The next few months for Morning Musume will be some of the most important in the franchise’s career. They have a chance to rebuild and remake themselves, Eri`s replacement has to make an impact to fans.

Let`s hope they make the right choices and Morning Musume can get a fresh restart.

Oricon has photos from the announcement
Oricon Graduation News Photos

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Incase you are wondering if JunJun and LinLin also asked to leave, they did not it seems.
From LinLin`s Blog

After the announcement in the concert about Big Sister Junjun, Big Sister Kamei and myself.  I can’t describe my feelings with words.
When we were being notified about graduation in the meeting, it did not feel real, as if I would wake up if someone pinched me…

But after seeing Tsunku making the announcement on stage today, I realized that this is not a dream, this is real.

There are so many things I am going to miss.

I’m going to miss the staff and managers that’s been fighting along side with us

And I am going to miss all the members and fans.

I do not want to leave you guys…

[ The post continues with her talking in some confusion and sadness about why this is happening to her after she just was starting to feel accepted  by everyone .She is clearly upset ,confused and has no clear understanding of what is next for her at the time of the post.]



  1. It seems like many fans - and some of the members of Musume throughout the years - don't really understand what graduation is or why it happens. When a girl has reached the peak of the momentum that MM can give her, she needs to move on to bigger and better things. Just as many teens and people in their early 20s "think they're invincible" and take more risks than older people, they can also get caught up in the illusion that what is going on now will continue forever.

    What would have happened if Junjun and Linlin had stayed in Musume for another two years? Junjun would graduate at 24. I know that most Japanese stars seem to start their careers between 17 and 20, and Junjun is past that mark in the most obscure iteration of Morning Musume Japan has known, so it would be difficult for her to find work now, let alone later. I'm not sure how China is different, but with her skill set she can probably have a long and happy career if she starts soon. Linlin will have an easier time of it but in terms of her long term career it's also a better idea for her to move back to China where her language skills and H!P experience make her a standout.

  2. Sempai, I completely agree, with your comments.
    About the age thing, I think China is like Korea in terms of having no age restrictions to their Pop stars.
    JunJun and LinLin if a solid plan is in place, could be the leaders of a China flagship franchise and do well in their return. I really hope things work out for them long run.

    I really think that H!P has to get this audition right ,it cannot be another Tsunku pet project member . The time for pet projects is long over .

  3. I was really surprised by the news.... Three members in one go! For Kamei, I can understand, health and well being is always a priority. Especially in the music industry where that is very important.... I hope once that Kamie's all better, she will be back in the show business. Her voice always had potential in my point of view, and always danced well. I love her craziness too, LOL.

    As for Jun Jun and Lin Lin... I read her blog post, and I'm really sad to hear that none of them were notified beforehand... It's a big blow. It's like saying "Hey, you've down your job, kay thanks, bye".

    I feel bad for the two of them because both girls showed amazing TV personality, and Lin Lin has such a great voice. I've always loved Jun Jun ever since I saw her in her panda outfit...XD That was total LOL.

    They didn't get a chance to prove themselves (singing and variety show wise) to their full potential in MM, so in a way I'm happy that they'll be going back to China. They will be fully appreciated and a great portfolio in return for possibly great careers.

    On the other hand though, I will miss them a lot. =( I was finally getting used to Koharu and wishing to see more of her when Tsunku announced that she's graduating... I felt that Koharu gave an energetic and bright feel, an added craziness to MM when she was around. She was just a ball of energy...XD

    Now there's my favourite Kamei, Jun Jun and Lin Lin leaving as well too... *sigh*

    I've been a fan of MM since their "Aruiteru" days, and seeing Yoshi go was heartbreaking =(

    I think I'll never get used to graduations. I was expecting it to be Ai or Gaki actually... Since that's how it normally works...

    I'm hoping they do things right in the auditions this time. 9th generation member(s) will really determine MM's future in the music industry, what with Kamei leaving.... But seeing as auditionees can be as young as 10.... o___O" I don't know...

    It will be exciting though, to see the audition process and such. it's a time of graduations now isn't it... *sigh*

  4. The only songs of theirs I've ever liked were Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari, Kanashimi Twilight (ALOT), Onna ni Sachi Are, and Resonant Blue (Sort of.). I never really cared about what happens to them.
    But still, I hope the best for them. Withous Musume, H!P would be nothing.


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