Monday, August 23, 2010

TBS TV :"Which female group would you want to join?"

Recently a TV show on TBS went to the streets of Shibuya to ask 300 women "Which female group would you want to join?"

Top 10 results were

1. AKB48 (83)
2. Pabo (62)
3. Morning Musume (42)
4. Fudanjuku (16 )
5. No3b [ No Sleeves ] (13)
6. Idoling!!! (12 )
7. C-ute (10 )
8. Perfume (9 )
9. Watarirouka Hashiritai (8 )
10. Berryz Koubou (7 )

Of the girls interviewed, they based their reasons on the following

1. AKB48:
"The number of people they have gives the feeling that anyone can join " They liked the fact that they take 19 year olds .

2.. Pabo:

For Pabo they like the costumes and that it gives hope that “idiots” can be idols .
They feel that since it`s a small group with girls that are game show “idiots” ,they have a better chance to fit in and be an “idiot” with them.

[Idiot is used in a good way here as in not scoring well in games]

3. Morning Musume:
For Morning Musume ,they are the group that if you join ,you become cute like them .One girl is going to audition for the 2nd time , but worries she does not have their cuteness .

4. Fudanjuku
Girls who like to cosplay as boys,like this group.

5. No3b [ No Sleeves ] [AKB Sub unit]
One wants to be their backup dancer ,Kojima Haruna-chan pulls in many fan girls.

6. Idoling!!!
The girls interviewed liked to join them because they do not dress flashy on TV and "They're fun in TV shows and talks".They give off an easy to become close with feeling. [Many girls like the simple idol street look, makes them feel like they are like regular girls, and some girls feel they can be friends with Idoling!!! Members easier.]

are Powerful at dancing

Members looks and dancing skills

9. Watarirouka Hashiritai [AKB Sub Unit]
School uniforms and Watanabe Mayu-chan cuteness wins for them.

10. Berryz Koubou
Innocent looks ,Miyabi-chan and the need for Berryz to increase the average age range of the group.


  1. I see. Only Idoling!!! they choose because they are fun and not flashy.

  2. Many girls like the outfits Idoling!!! Wear on TV, it`s something they would wear. and they feel they can be friends with Idoling!!! Members.

    For Idoling!!! That is a good thing to hear from fans .

  3. yeah Idoling more humbe & not to flasy.. but they are charm & beautiful


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