Sunday, August 1, 2010

AKB48 Heavy Rotation PV.[Non Spoiler Review]

If you’re a fan of AKB48 who enjoys fan service type videos ,then brace yourself ,your about to enter fan service heaven . If you watched the preview and were shocked by Oshima and Maeda kissing, well that is nothing, they are not the only ones.

I truly do not want to spoil this with a very detailed review. To do a review for this video would spoil all the hidden fan service surprises, which really have to be seen without warning to get the full effect of the video.

I will say this much as this is a non-spoiler review, from the second that you see Yuko through the key hole, you are about to experience a new type of AKB48.

If you are a hardcore AKB48 fan, then this is necessary watch PV.

PV Result -The sweetest sugar maybe bitter in comparison with this video.

If you live outside of Japan and wish to buy the single
Type A
Type B

Aug 01 : EDIT- Replaced deleted videos that was in the first posting on July 28

Aug 02:AKB48 record company has removed every copy of the video off you tube. I have posted a non-you tube site version and I have posted my copy of the PV, which you are welcome to download ,if you are having trouble viewing the video.

Let this video load some before playing if it plays slow

Download version of the PV , [Re-added as their label keeps removing it from you tube]
Heavy Rotation PV Download [HQ]

Spoiler tag has been lifted now that video is out and being reviewed, please feel free to share your comments


  1. There's a lot I want to say about Heavy Rotation, but I'm afraid I might spoil it for other people, so I'll keep myself quiet. It was intense though. O_O Watching it makes me feel like I'm still a little girl because I felt embarrassed watching it. XD

    Lucky seven makes me think of one piece for some reason...

  2. Toshi

    This was the only way that I could have written this post, there is so much to say, that even trying to describe it, would spoil it .I think, this is one time, when you just have to watch it, without knowing what to expect first.

    Lucky Seven does have a one piece feel to it, and after Heavy Rotation, you need it to remind you that they are still idols, lol.

    I say give the video a day or two to run , then spoilers are OK.

  3. Perhaps it is too much
    i mean I like it, but the kisses had no meaning, the whole PV had no meaning
    fan service heaven

  4. Overall the video is not out of the ordinary for Idol fan service videos. First thought would be not to Jurina in the scene she has; however, there are Gravure Idols younger then her with photo books .


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