Sunday, August 29, 2010

AKB48 Sashihara Rino now Sashiko

AKB48 Sashihara Rino has changed her name to Sashiko.
There are not a lot of details yet on the name change, she calls herself Sashiko in her blog and made remarks about getting 2.5 seconds of video time in Heavy Rotation and deserving to have a push like other girls are getting. She asks her fans how they feel about this situation and the changing of her name to just Sashiko now and not Sashihara Rino anymore.

Not long after this seemingly random post, all of her agency profiles were changed to Sashiko and a new Sashiko /Heavy Rotation CM started running on TV, promoting Sashiko and the single and the name Sashiko is used more then once in the CM.

Looks like an image change and push is underway to move Rino, I mean Sashiko up the order of rank.

There is still some confusion among her fans if she made the name change or did her agencies .It is my understanding that former AKB48 member Meetan first called her Sashiko, some time ago and that she had called herself  Sashiko for sometime now off stage.

We will see soon enough if "Sashiko no kuse ni!" (In spite of Sashiko) will become the new rally cry as Sashiko makes her move.

This was an AKB48 Marketing Prank/Campaign ,please read  my new update ,sorry for the late update
Sashiko/Heavy Rotation CM

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