Tuesday, September 21, 2010

AKB48 Senbatsu Janken Tournament Coverage Pt 2

Early Photos the Tournament has not started yet .

Members are entering the arena in order of seeds; the matches will be in order of my last post.

See here for bracket

After the introductions , they are now playing the overture

This maybe the longest buildup to a Janken Tournament in the history of Janken.
As i said before they can wear what they want to  Kobayashi Kana in  bikini

Battles to come next Battle Janken  
Special guest is Pro Wrestling legend Antonio Inoki, reading of the rules
And first up Block A

Group A:
Round 1: Nakamura Mariko vs. Shinoda Mariko
Winner -Shinoda

Round 2: Shinoda Mariko vs Sato Sumire

Group B:
Kashiwagi Yuki vs. Chikano Rina
Winner-Chikano Rina
Hirajima Natsumi vs. Minegishi Minami
Draw ,Draw,Draw, Winner Hirajima Natsumi
Winners face off
Group C:
Akimoto Sayaka vs. Nakaya Sayaka
Winner-Akimoto Sayaka
Akimoto Sayaka vs Kuramochi Asuka RD 2
Group D:
Nonaka Misato vs. Oku Manami
Draw,Draw, Winner-Nonaka Misato
Nonaka Misato vs. Kojima Haruna

Group E:
Nakamata Shiori vs. Kasai Tomomi
Kasai Wins
Kasai Tomomi vs. Nakata Chisato
Group F:
Ishida Haruka vs. Itano Tomomi
Draw,Winner-Ishida Haruka
Ishida Haruka vs. Katayama Haruka

Group G:
Suzuki Mariya vs. Tanabe Miku
Winner-Tanabe Miku
Tanabe Miku vs. Umeda Ayaka
Group H:
Sato Natsuki vs. Kikuchi Ayaka
Winner-Sato Natsuki
Sato Natsuki vs. Miyazawa Sae

Group I:
Komori Mika vs. Matsui Sakiko
winner-Matsui Sakiko
Matsui Sakiko vs. Matsubara Natsumi
Group J:
Fujie Reina vs. Takajo Aki
Draw,Winner Takajo Aki
Takajo Aki vs. Sato Amina
Group K:
Takahashi Minami vs. Nakatsuka Tomomi
Winner-Nakatsuka Tomomi
Oshima Yuko vs. Sashihara Rino
Winner-Sashihara Rino
Winners face off

Group L:
Yonezawa Rumi vs. Nakagawa Haruka
Winner-Nakagawa Haruka
Nakagawa Haruka vs. Kitahara Rie
Group M:
Masuda Yuka vs. Watanabe Mayu
Winner Watanabe Mayu
Watanabe Mayu vs. Maeda Atsuko
Group N:
Maeda Ami vs. Ooya Shizuka
draw,Maeda Ami  wins
Maeda Ami  vs. Nito Moeno
Group O:
Oota Aika vs. Iwasa Misaki
draw,Oota Aika wins
Miyazaki Miho vs. Uchida Mayumi
draw,draw,draw,draw,Uchida Mayumiwins
Winners face off
Group P:
Kobayashi Kana vs. Nagao Mariya
winner Kobayashi Kana
Kobayashi Kana vs. Kobayashi Marina

First round over , losers are theatre girls  for this single
More to come in real time

Rounds 2-5


Please visit main site front page for all new post tournament coverage starting at part 5.

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