Wednesday, September 22, 2010

AKB48 Senbatsu Janken Tournament Coverage Pt 5

AKB48 continue their control of the media waves as this Janken Tournament is full-page features and TV media is giving in many cases 5 minutes of coverage.


In one night, Uchida Mayumi has gone from the who member to media darling .Her life and career in AKB48 may never be the same again. A new star on the rise?

AKB48 Wota fan cam inside the venue , the coverage ends with audio of the 18th single; yes, the screams of horror are part of the song.

In case you missed my real time coverage


Match Coverage


Was looking at the first time Senbatsu members blogs, they are filled with excitement and tears. They talked about how much this means to them and how hard they will work to make everyone who cheered for them proud.

They were also grateful to the veteran more popular Senbatsu members of the past who hugged them and offered advice and encouragement.

The main members will not be hurt by this tournament as many will have careers outside AKB48 ,but for most this group ,this moment in time, maybe all that they have after AKB48.

For the first time Senbatsu members, this is their chance to rise up and make a name for themselves.

Will we see new stars rise from the 19th single? Only time will tell.

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