Thursday, September 23, 2010

JK21 Goes Major

One of the Indie groups that was a part of the Tokyo Idol Festival Kansai based JK21 [Joshi-Kousei 21] will be going major. Their major debut is scheduled for release December 15 and has a working title of “I Ai Kansai’ [I Love Kansai].

The group will also be changing their name to “Japan, Kansai, 21st Century” to reflect that they are now leaving the safety of Osaka and going national.

For their debut 6 of the 21 members will perform , they are leader Jojima Yukari (19), Matsuda Ayumi  (17), Tanaka Rina (16), Aoi Misaki (18), Arakaki Momona (17) and Tsubaki Minami  (16).

JK21 started in 2008 and have spent most of their active time in the Kansai region.

Coming from the Indie Idol and Music Industry in my private life, I can tell you this, there are many good Indie Idol groups, just because a group is an Indie, unknown by most online media or national media in general, does not mean that the group is bad. Not everyone can start out like AKB48 or Morning Musume.  

Look at Indie Idols as like the Visual Kei of Idol genre, it`s in it`s own special world.
Indie Idols are gaining a stronger presence in the genre,

Give this group a chance; I think you will like them.

Theme song for the Hanshin Tigers [Professional Baseball Team in Kansai]

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