Monday, September 13, 2010

Tokyo Idol Festival Broadcast

In August, I posted about the 30+-idol group, 8 venue Tokyo Idol Festival . The TV broadcast was aired recently and you can watch it here from the link at the end of the post.

As there are a number of parts to this and with Youtube`s record of deleting I am going to supply a link instead of posting all the parts.

To review

TIF was an Idol Festival held on August 7-8 for Idol groups not in Hello!Project or with 48 after their name . In some ways, it was like Disneyland for wotas ,two days of Idol groups ,fan events , idol games and concerts .

There are 100`s of Idol groups and  agencies in J-POP Idol genre and most of us have nothing to do with H!P or the 48`s as a higher percentage of J-POP Idol groups and agencies are in the Independent ranks . Which has it`s own culture and ways of doing things and depend heavily [embrace] on wotas,active touring ,free events and festivals such as these along with regional, cable and satellite network programs .

Many of these groups are some of the best-kept secrets in Japan ,which is one reason why this event was started to showcase and promote these idols.

Some of the main groups at the festival that we have talked here on PIH were Idoling!!! , SUPER*GIRLS, Tokyo Girls` Style,Afilia Saga East and Momoiro Clover.

Event roster is here ,if you cannot read Japanese well , the pink boxes will take you to the group’s homepages .
Fuji TV Tokyo Idol Festival

Broadcast Link

Show starts at 00 with SUPER*GIRLS
Broadcast Link
If your willing to give them a chance and experience this genre from outside of what H!P or the 48`s have to offer , there are some really some good groups at the festival and you will enjoy this broadcast.

By the way Idoling!!! Brought their sub units as well, so Idoling!!! Members show up several times. The girls also are part of special units under their management companies

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