Monday, September 20, 2010

Tokyo Girls` Style: Idol Life Is Hard Work.

This is just a video from TGS USTREAM archive of them working at A-Nation 10 ,moving from one event to another without any breaks .Like all idol groups ,they simply move around on the orders of their managers  ,with only minutes to review what they are doing.

Funny thing with the way one of their managers is dressed, she looks not much older then TGS.
Idol life is hard and the more popular you are the more demands are placed on you.

In Morning Musume`s peak they often spoke of sleeping only three hours a day and getting 5 days off a year . On AKBINGO! you can see that the members of AKB48 are lacking sleep.

It`s the little things that both Major and Indie idols do that go unnoticed by media that often lead to added popularity  .TGS  while not a featured artist in AVEX  is working hard on the little things to make a name for themselves , one fan at a time.

TGS takes all this in with the carefree youths that they are and at times show, they are still children in a highly competitive industry dominated by idols much their senior.

Even if your not a big fan of TGS  ,this  journey  into the lives of TGS is entertaining and they never  see a camera they don't want to entertain in front of.

To see more of TGS at A-Nation and at other events .

LIVE*013 event – September 23rd at 1PM

LIVE*014 event – September 23rd at 4PM

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