Tuesday, September 28, 2010

AKB48 Beginner Radio Release

AHB48 New Single Beginner radio release.
I don't have a lot to say about this song , other then ,you can put a #1 Oricon ranking next to this song ,no one is going to beat it. This song will draw idol fans and non-idol fans and could be their biggest single to date.

The scream was removed in the radio release .

AKB48 Beginner Radio Release Download

AKB48 Label has felt the need to delete or disable the sound to every copy of the radio release on YT.


  1. I've listen to the song so many times that I've gotten used to the screaming part. Now that I listen to the radio release, I'm a little unused to the lack of the screaming part. XD Still I think it's a nice song. I'm looking forward to the PV. :]

  2. This is my favorite AKB single to date. I call 700k on this one :D

  3. Boo!

    Sayaka should have been selected as senbatsu.


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