Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hakata Reboot The Next AKB48?

The development and growth of all groups in Japanese Indie Idol genre,is important to me , be it my own or others .

So whenever a group stands out to me, that I think readers of this site will like, I will cover them

Currently in the Idol genre there is a Neo-Idol [New Idol] boom, with more and more groups starting up and thanks in large part to AKB48, interest in Indies by major labels is growing.

One new group on the scene, so new in fact there debut stage was August 14, is Hakata Reboot or HR for short based in Hakata. Hakata-ku is a ward of Fukuoka City in Fukuoka Prefecture .

HR is inspired by AKB48; it currently has 14 members, performs in uniforms & costumes and has their own theatre. Their ticket system is similar to AKB48 and as they have no singles of their own, their set list includes songs from other Idol groups such as AKB48 ,Morning Musume , anime theme songs and their limited catalog.

They are fan friendly like AKB48 and are in the early stages of becoming Western Japan’s AKB48.

Do not be surprised as more and more AKB48 inspired groups start to debut .AKB48 has a very solid business plan, which is inspiring theatre and non-theatre idol groups.

HR has the makings of something interesting, because I like what I have heard about and from them PIH has put a watch on this group, for future developments,I like what I am seeing from them so far,in time as they grow we could be seeing them more here.

Will they someday be AKB48`s rivals ?

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  1. Indie/underground idols are the best.
    I hope you write more about Afilia Saga East.
    Your blog is the best.

  2. Thanks for the kind words; yeah Indie and lesser-known Idols are special and hard working groups.

    I plan to do more on that part of the genre and Afilia is on the list.


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