Friday, September 10, 2010

DREAM Comeback Single + Tour

Veteran JPOP group DREAM are in the middle of a rebirth , the group who have faced 10 long and difficult years ,have been given a new life under the guidance of the members of EXILE and their management firm LDH.

On October 6 DREAM will release "Ev’rybody Alright!," the follow up to their "reboot" single "My Way -Ulala-" .

DREAM since it`s debut in 2000 has struggled and failed to gain the same popularity that Morning Musume and AKB48 have reached in their peak times. This very talented group has had to endure two name changes "DREAM to DRM back to DREAM",a number of lineup changes and the worries of breakup ,yet continue to fight on.

While DREAM has struggled to gain and hold mainstream popularity ,the last few years may have been the darkest they have had to endure.

2007 DREAM looked as if they were at their end ,they had dropped to doing small venue lives , free street performances ,anyplace that would let them play in front of.

In 2008 ,DREAM changed their name from DRM to DREAM once again and closed their fan club. With everything looking dark for the group ,they get a break from EXILE leader HIRO ,who took over the management of the group through [LDH (Love Dream Happiness)] from Avex.

Under LDH they immediately went inactive ,to reinvent themselves and would not return for until almost a year later. September 9,2009 DREAM released their first hard disk single since 2005 ,with "Perfect Girls / To The Top" ,which was sold at a nationwide free show tour . The CD did not chart on Oricon, due to how it was distributed .

On March 1, 2010 they released "Breakout" again sold only at a free tour , after completing the free tour ,DREAM held a mini three show paid tour Dream Live Tour 2010 ~Road to Dream~. ,followed by an opening slot on Exile's FANTASY Tour.

On August 18, 2010, DREAM released its major label return debut single, "My Way~ULala~" [#29 on Oricon with just under 5,000 in sales] and now on October 6 ,DREAM will complete their rebirth with a new single and live house tour.

If there is one group that deserves a break and fan support it`s DREAM, they have earned it. This tour and upcoming single release could be the turning point in their career.

Dream LIVE TOUR 2010 ~ 2011 “Hands Up!” Tour:

December 4th – Miyazaki – WEATHER KING
December 12th – Ehime – Matsuyama VIVIT HALL
December 18th – Saitama – HEAVEN’S ROCK Saitama Shintoshin
December 25th – Yokohama – BAYSIS
December 26th – Gunma – club FLEEZ
January 8th – Niigata – Niigata LOTS
January 9th – Miyagi – Sendai darwin
January 14th – Fukuoka – Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
January 21st – Osaka – Osaka BIGCAT
January 22nd – Hiroshima – Hiroshima Cave-Be
January 30th – Shizuoka – Live House Hamamatsu Madowaku
February 6th – Aichi – Nagoya E.L.L
February 11th – Hokkaido – Sapporo cube garden

DREAM:"My Way~ULala~"

DREAM: Breakout

DVD on DREAM`s struggles and return

To Buy if you live outside Japan
DREAM My Way ~ Ulala [CD Japan Links]

Type A

Type B

Ev’rybody Alright  [Pre Order at CD Japan]

Type A
Type B

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