Monday, September 13, 2010

Pre-Idols in NMB48 Audition

On a number of pro H!P fan sites a hot debate has been underway since the announcement that EGGS! Could take part in the Morning Musume auditions .What many fans  fail to see that #1 that is what the EGGS! Was created for to become  main unit idols and #2 former idols  that leave other groups  re-audition for other groups all the time .

One such group is NMB48  ,of the 106 that made it to the final stage several have pre-idol experience.

They are .

# 138 former member of H!P Kansai unit SI*NA  and  sister of Johnny’s recording artist Nakayama Yuma  , Nakayama Nana .

# 21,47,48,100 are from Tsubomi
21- Asamoto Mika
 47- Murakami Ayaka
 48- Kondo Sara 
100- Kotera Mari

35- Kawaguchi Arisa    is from JK21
89 -Ishii Ayaka  is an Ex-AKB48 RS (eighth Gen)
98 Morita Narimi - Loveberry Model

Saying things like “ pre trained  idols should not be allowed,” To take part in auditions because they are not fresh faces” is  just a fan opinion that is often very misleading  of idol history. We all enjoy the  brand new idol to support  ,however the truth is  that  groups like Idoling!!! ,AKB48 ,Momoiro Clover  and even past H!P units have had members that were pre idols, models ,child actor ,etc. The only rule is that you cannot be under a current contract with another group to audition ,there are no rules saying  an audition hopeful cannot be a pre-trained idol.

Several often are and most of these facts are seldom listed on their profiles ,yet it is a common event and some even receive a stage name ,birthdates ,hometown to separate them from their past  companies.

All girls pre-trained or untrained  have the right to better their career positions , no one wants to be a trainee their entire career .

Idol genre is a strange world of mystery and secrets at times  of shadow owners and who knows   that girl that you are rooting for in auditions ,just may have been an unannounced pre-trained idol ,whose  situation before didn`t work out as well as she had hoped .

The final 106

Download of NMB48`s new TV Tokyo show covering the auditions

Download Version

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  1. I agree. I don't know why people care so much about the small stuff. It is not like LinLin is auditioning for NMB48.


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