Thursday, September 9, 2010

SDN48 Senbatsu Results

For several weeks now SDN48 [Saturday Night 48] have been conducting their own Senbatsu elections for their major debut release.

Results were collected from fan voting at Asahi TV mobile site, paid downloads of the 37 members photos and from visits to their blogs.

The Senbatsu members are.

1. Ohori Megumi (Center)
2. Sato Yukari
3. Noro Kayo [SDN48 Leader]
5. Urano Kazumi
6. Umeda Haruka
7. Serina
8. Kato Mami
9. Kohara Haruka
10. Ito Kana
11. Akita Kazue
12. Fukuyama Sakura

SDN48`s major debut release will be on Nov 24 .

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