Thursday, May 31, 2012

Passpo☆ Next Flight PV

I just can`t stop smiling Passpo☆ and rock music a perfect match. Vocally I think this is the best that the group has sounded to date and that is saying a lot as they have yet to make a bad single.

The video is a performance shoot, but one that the group will just pull you in and you loose track of time as you hit replay over and over, trying to pick up little things you may have missed the playback before.

This could have not been a better video, short of having some heavy metal pyro or some banshee vocal high spots to top it off, lol.

Instead of my rock dream dramatics we have just Passpo☆ style and Passpo☆ style is perfect the way it is and I hope it never changes.

Excuse me while I hit playback again.

By the way this is the American famous late 80`s -90`s rock band who worked on the coupling track with Passpo

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