Monday, July 5, 2010

4MINUTE: I My Me Mine [PV]

4Minute have released the video for their new song I My Me Mine. I have only recently taken to this group and have really enjoyed listening to Huh and now this release.

I cannot really find anything not to like about this video. I actually prefer videos without backup dancers, however it is my understanding that these dancers are trainees to become a group, so it`s work related, lol.

A lot of the fan and media focus of 4Minute and rightly so is on Hyuna and the power members of the group , I am not one of them ,the Maknae member So Hyun manages to stand out without trying to be the center feature of this video, maybe it`s the hair ? , lol.

Coming off a strong Huh promotion, I am looking forward to the Japanese version of IMMM.

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