Friday, July 23, 2010

Tokyo Idol Festival

Momoiro Clover will be joining several other groups from Maid Café Idols to traditional Idol units in the Tokyo Idol Festival on August 7-8 at Yoshimoto Prince Theater @ All Shinagawa Prince Hotel.

Idols that we are currently covering scheduled to appear are
Clover, Idoling!!! , Tokyo Girls` Style

Maid Café Idol unit Afilia Saga East are also scheduled to appear

By the way, I decided to include Afilia Saga East in the video portion of this update because any Idol group with members named Kurumi Lala Milk, Kohime Lit Pucci, Yukafin Doll and Rose Gardenfairy, to name a few needs to be mentioned, lol.

F.Y.I. They are members of a magic school themed Maid Café franchise, which is why the cast [as they are called] in every café has these anime type names.

In addition, they have singles that they release and live events, just like any other Idol unit. There are a number of these Idol units and they are generally centered in  Akihabara and are supported by Wota and Anime Otaku in Akihabara and other cities with café franchises.

Group Home Page
Afilia Café

Current list of groups scheduled to appear can be seen here.
Current Line Up
 TIF 2010

July 10 Update
Super Girls has been added along with three other units making a total of 12 groups
Updated Lineup

July 18 Update

The festival lineup now features 28 Idol groups .If you are expecting to see the likes of Hello! Project or the various units named 48, you can wash that idea away. Akiba and other Independent Idols dominate this festival.

The largest Idols to date at the festival are Idoling!!! , Super*Girls, Tokyo Girls` Style, Momoiro Clover.

If your open to experience a different type of Idol group ,that may never get the media attention that say an AKB48 or Morning Musume get ,then these idols are worth checking out. As I have said before, there as far more Idols in Japan, then the ones that work for H!P or have 48 attached to their names. Each are as hard working and have dedicated fan bases as the major powers, the only difference is the size of the companies they work for.

You can reach their home pages by clicking the pink bar in their profiles.

Updated Line Up

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