Friday, July 9, 2010

Momoiro Clover Rare Videos

Momoiro Clover Rare Videos

This a set of videos that I put together from hard to find videos that look at Clovers rise from an Akiba Indy to a major .

This is a continuation from my earlier posts on their recent TV and Nico Nico events.

This video collection will take you back to their early days as Akiba Idols, to just before they shift to a national major.

There are also to two special videos at the end from the current line up. Even before Clover went major, they were doing things for Enta! 371 and other related channels along with Nico Nico postings.

The Rise of Momorio Clover
From Indy to Major in Video


Growth but not the current line up as members will leave


Pre the little ball of spirit Momoka lineup

Indies In Store Tour

Current Lineup

Special Extra Videos

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