Wednesday, July 7, 2010

[KPop] Girl`s Day “Tilt My Head” PV

Girl`s Day “Tilt My Head” PV

After days of teases we had the single debut another KPop Idol unit Girl`s Day, to go along with the other debut in the last couple of days Miss A.

After all the dance video buildup, the vocal teases, I have to be honest here I was somewhat let down by the video. It`s not the video itself, as the visual concept is fine, it`s the digital auto tune voices in the entire song that let me down and the limited dance.

For a group that was described as excellent dancers and powerful vocalists, we saw little to certify those claims. I can overlook the digital vocals and not write off the group, as the song is not all that bad .If they had sung in unaltered voices it would be a 100% win to me. Instead, I have to go with 80 .For JPop fans it feels a little bit like a Perfume track only not as powerful, cutesier.

If you do not like it on first spin, it will take several spins to adjust to it.

Their live stages start on the 9th.

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