Wednesday, July 7, 2010

AKB 600 Sec ,Review and Episodes 1-2

AKB48`s new one month mini show has started and it feels more like it was designed as a fan service for wotas then a TV show for the mainstream fan base that they have been developing .

AKB 600 sec is a hidden camera show that airs 10 of it`s 90 minutes on TV with NTV offering the full 90-minute version for sale on MicroSD cards through the NTV Web shop on the same day the episode airs.

The episodes that air on TV are shot at various angles for each member, for example in Itano`s episode you get a lot of camera walking of her backside as she spends her off day shopping. For Kojima the long distance shots of her playing with her dog the camera work gives off a feeling that your working for Friday’s trying to catch the girl in a scandal.

OK am I being over dramatic here, a little, but you will understand from the episodes .Kojima was actually a little interesting as she spoils her dog.

Overall I didn`t find the first two episodes interesting for my tastes .If it really is important to you to know how they are in their free time ,then you will like the episodes . If not, then you may end up feeling uninterested after one or two episodes.

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