Monday, July 26, 2010

New Feature:Idol USTREAM

We are adding the links to the side bar of the various groups USTREAMS and Nico Nico accounts. The agencies for the groups are not very good yet for giving much of an advance warning short of a day or two for broadcasts .However some groups do archive some events.

Currently confirmed streams on site are
Momoiro Clover , Super*Girls, S/mileage ,Tokyo Girls` Style
As we confirm feeds, we will be updating the site and broadcast times

The next scheduled event is for Momoiro Clover for July 27 open18:30 start19:00(Japan time) . On this broadcast they will debut their new single "Koko ☆Natsu"

NOTE: for Nico ,you must create an account ,for USTREAM no account is needed

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