Wednesday, July 21, 2010

[KPop] Girl`s Day: How do I look PV

Only two weeks after their official debut Girl`s Day have released another video for a previously unreleased song called “How Do I Look” .Last week Girl`s Day skipped out on doing any lives and instead filmed a new video at a water park.

It`s a song and video that will go a long way if they start doing lives for it, to erase their poor debut start.

“How Do I Look” is an action video, showing the members enjoying, what turned out to be a rainy day at the pool. The vocals set to an audio track, so we do not get any look at the dance performance related to the song.

“How Do I Look” is a song that could have easily and likely should have been their debut song.

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  1. I agree. This should have been their debut song, it sounds so different from the bubble gum pop known as K-pop...@@

    Though it doesn't showcase their vocal abilities much, not following the mainstream for any K-pop artist always get a cookie in my book. Hope this song is to K-netizens' liking... As much as I don't like it, a solo artist or a group's popularity relies on their opinion... =\


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