Sunday, July 11, 2010

[KPop] Girl`s Day Live Stage Debut

Girl`s Day had their debut stage performance earlier and it was not auto tune ,however the performance was lacking .It comes off as being a poor job of trying to impersonate our JPop cute idol style.

Which makes this even harder to wrap my head around as to why they decided on that concept for their debut, when you hear the rest of the album?

Honestly Girl`s Day is very good, but this single was not a good idea to start with. I mean the song is fine, but trying to force their voices to sound 10 years old is not.

Their other tracks are well done and I am looking forward to them getting past this debut track.

Granted I didn`t much care for T-Ara at the start of their career as well, but they have grown into wonderful performers and I wished Morning Musume could have some T-Ara influences. So I have the same hope for Girl`s Day as they grow in the future.

Here is their debut live stage and no doubt some nervousness

Proof that this unit has the goods to make it.

Girl`s Day- Control


Girl`s Day had their 2nd debut stage a few hours ago and they seem a little bit more relaxed and some of the problems they had yesterday have been corrected ,such as the breathing into the microphones .

Overall, I think they are making the best of a difficult debut and they are already receiving anti fans in Korea and the internet community making the situation harder for them.

It`s easy for anti fans to make harsh judgments when they have never been in a band, group or even made a live debut and can not understand the emotions that a band or group faces or the difficulties of entering a highly competitive market .

I am looking forward to watching Girl`s Day growth as a unit.

Girl`s Day 3rd debut stage
Improvements continue .As they improve their airtime is getting smaller [4Minute had 3.1/2 minutes to Girl`s Day 1.1/2 minutes], sadness is starting to show on their faces, their voices are getting weaker and they are getting just polite response from crowds. Today the response was almost nothing by the crowd [I watched videos of other performances ,just to make sure it was not just the show and this was the coldest response to any group] .

I truly feel for them . A strong comeback with a song style like the one they showed in their flash mobs and a strong vocal performance will put this behind them as quickly as people have questioned them.

In case you do not know what I am talking about see for yourself.

Some good news for Girl`s Day
Maknae member Min Ah has been selected to be an MC for an MBC game show. The show will air every Tuesday and Thursday.”

Dream Tea [Girl`s Day Agency]

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