Saturday, July 10, 2010

Idoling!!! 13th Single Poolside Daisakusen

Idoling!!! 13th Single Poolside Daisakusen

Idoling!!! Has released their 13th single video, the single will be out August 4th. It`s really a catchy summertime single .The video is nothing to write home about and is your basic swimsuit video, however with AKB48 having the best swimsuit video anything anyone else does in swimsuits will feel like second best.

Idoling!!! Is a real up and coming group ,they have a enjoyable television show and their song writing team are putting out some quality singles as of late. Their last single sold 32,405 copies before falling out of Oricon , I feel that it`s only a matter of time before this group has a breakout single and claims the #2 idol position that is currently held by Morning Musume.

EDIT:SKE48`S New single is on pace to sell 150,000 copies and for all purposes have removed Morning Musume as #2 Idol group, so Idoling!!! Will have to defeat SKE48, to become #2 Idols. With one breakout single, it`s possible.

Idoling!!! In the past two years has become one of my favorite units, and I even have a member in mind to be my Idoling!!! Oshimen, the 3rd generation Ohkawa Ai ,

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  1. I remember way back in January 2008 I first saw an "Idoling" promo pasted on he side of a Tokyo transit bus. Wow, this group has stuck to its guns and looks like more fun than ever!

  2. Hey Rad, yeah Idoling!!! Has come a long way in three short years, their TV show has grown to be very enjoyable, enough so that I am considering making it a regular site addition.

    I really think it`s only an issue of time and they are going to break out. I am interested in this upcoming Tokyo Idol Festival; with over 28 Independent Idol groups should be an entertaining two days.


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