Friday, July 2, 2010

AKB48 Get Another TV Show

AKB48 Get Another TV Show

AKB48, who are on TV nearly every night of the week with their own variety shows, have yet another show. Their new show is called AKB600sec.

AKB600sec will be a short run July only show airing on Mondays through Thursday at different times each night on NTV.

Each NTV version of the show will be only 10 minutes each and will center on one member of AKB48. Each episode a member is followed by hidden cameras for a single day, offering a glimpse into her daily life. The 16 members to be featured have not yet been announced.

NTV will be offering the full 90-minute version for sale on MicroSD cards through the NTV Web shop on the same day the episode airs.

Considering a number of AKB48 members have jobs through their agencies independent of AKB48 putting them on TV or magazines, opens the door for a number of possibilities of who maybe selected.

Air Times

July 5th 25:29~25:44
July 6th 24:59~25:14
July 7th 25:14~25:29
July 8th 25:08~25:23
July 12th 25:09~25:24
July 13th 25:09~25:24
July 14th 25:09~25:24
July 15th 25:18~25:33
July 19th 24:59~25:14
July 20th 25:29~25:44
July 21th 24:59~25:14
July 22th 25:08~25:23
July 26th 24:59~25:14
July 27th 24:59~25:14
July 28th 24:59~25:14


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