Friday, March 4, 2011

Morning Musume’s Maji Desu ka Ska Full Audio

Note for Musume fans Bijo Gaku  here is a hint as to what to expect from the 9th gen. Today they dance the single`s dance with the full unit of Morning Musume and there is a PV tease. Will post video later.

While you wait how about the full version of the new single Maji Desu ka Ska . In general I am not a big Ska music fan ,but this works for me ,maybe it`s the genkiness of  9th gen that has come over me,lol. I will never take away anything from 8th gen as members of the group ,however the group lacked overall  the freshness ,the innocence that it desperately needed .


  1. to me it sounds REALLY good
    it gives momusu it's ''young'' feel back....
    the 9th gen fits in well...

    it got more voices than it usually does....
    i mean it used to be ai gaki eri or/and reina

    think mittsi sings a line as well ??? + the 9th gen... need to know that gen better to hear who sings what...

    but anyways xD i like it :D

  2. I more i listen to it the more i love it!!

  3. Natalie, it does kind of grab you and pull you into it.

  4. I kinda am getting into this song. also I wonder if anyone knows why berryz and momusu will bboth be releasing another song so soon?

  5. I agree with Natalie. I love the song the more I listen to it!

    The 9th gen sing in a really different style than the older members and I like it. XD

    The full song sounds really great, hopefully i'll get to buy a copy of the single when i go back to taiwan for a holiday...XD

  6. @Everyone,
    If you are wondering what solo lines the 9th gen sing, they get the first four lines of the song.
    L1-Riho, L2-Erina, L3-Kanon, L4-Fuku-chan

  7. @Twinheart2 its not only MM and BK...
    well they are with the singles...
    but all H!P peep are releasing things really quick..

    like smileage got a REALLY busy schedule..
    and for airi there are 2 PBs announced at the same time... + C-ute's new album is being released soon...

    think theyve got big plans for H!P ??
    they need to step it up.. and get higher in the charts...

  8. ^
    I guess in the idol world we can't exspect just good songs to bring them back to number on in the oricon ; ;

    I think what h!p needs to do is maybe focus more on promotion, getting BK on Happy Music was step 1 and MM and S/milage are always on MJ so that is good.

    I guess it all depends if they can get a good show up and running, like Hello Moring.2 and some more cm's.


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