Thursday, March 10, 2011

SKE48 Takes #1 On Oricon With Big Sales

SKE48 Takes #1 On Oricon With Big Sales

AKB48`s little sisters [in performance yrs] SKE48 has followed in the high heels of their big sisters by taking the top spot in the Oricon Daily sales chart by a wide margin.

SKE48’s “BANZAI Venus” took the #1 position in the Oricon Daily Singles chart by selling 163,208 copies on their first day of release. When you look at the second and third places, it becomes clear how one-sided and impressive this was for SKE48.

NYC’s “Yume Tamago” was number two with sales of 52,785 and Momoiro Clover’s “Mirai Bowl” was next at 18,307 matching almost their first week totals for “Pinky Jones“.

While it is fair to say that some of their success is due to being in the 48 family, the truth is the song is just a better song. It also helps when you invite fans and townspeople to be in the video, the results will always show in sales.

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